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Cargo transportation, customs clearance, warehouse service
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The company "Borax Rotterdam Storage NV"  is a transport and logistics operator that provides services all over the world.
We have accumulated vast experience in working with different types and volumes of cargo.
Groupage cargoes and multimodal transportation are the main activities of our company.
Time-tested and reliable business relations with operators in ports, railway carriers, large car owners allows us to carry out high-quality and safe transportation. The availability of qualified personnel and the necessary technical equipment guarantees fast and accurate work with us.
We constantly optimize logistics solutions, carefully analyze the technical, organizational and legal nuances of the transport process at each stage of cargo transportation.
Our knowledge and experience allow us to confidently say that all your requirements when applying to our company will be most satisfied.

Representative offices in Hauston /China
For the convenience of your work with Chinese suppliers, we are opening a representative offices in Houston and  China,located on the border with Russia), Shanghai, Guangzhou.
Our capabilities
                 Oil Tank Storage
We store and  deliver your goods regularly and in the shortest time possible
We are one of the leading liquild oil storage company in Rotterdam  and Europe ports. If your load is not enough to fill our container, or storage tanks , then you do not need to rent it completely.  so payment is carried out only for the actual weight and volume of your shipment.

Multimodal transportation
Transportation of cargo using not one, but several types of vehicles, for example, sea transport from over 20 different from countries + railway This type of transportation allows you to save time and financial expenses of the customer.
Railway delivery
Borax Rotterdam Storage NV" manage and carries out international rail transportation of goods of various categories and in any direction.

Perfect Services

We guarantee a high level of service. We are able not only to listen, but also to hear customers. If necessary, individually, we are ready to develop an optimal supply program and take into account any wishes of our partners.

Still have questions? Contact us on the specified contacts or fill out the feedback form, and our managers will answer them.
The company Borax Rotterdam Storage NV - never before the handing and storing of your goods was not simple, quick and safe.
Submit your application.

Welplaatweg 104, 3197 KS Botlek Rotterdam, Nederland

+311 066 904 39
+318 500 13024

We are a large company delivering cargo, which has a lot
of experience in the market. We are trusted for over 6 years.
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